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   Pre-Show Checklist for Home Sellers


The anxiety of showing your home often stems from feeling unprepared at a moment's notice. As the alert chimes in announcing a new showing, beads of sweat form on your brow as you quickly scan the perimeter. With limited time to prepare, every step must be executed strategically, akin to an intricately choreographed dance. The goal? To create a captivating finale that captivates potential buyers and propels them forward in their decision-making journey. In addition to addressing common questions related to showings, below you'll find a comprehensive room-by-room checklist to ensure your home is show-ready.


How much notice will I receive before a showing?

The notice period for a showing can vary. Some buyers' agents plan out showings as part of a larger tour, providing a day or more of notice. Alternatively, a buyer may express immediate interest, resulting in a request for a showing within hours. Last-minute showings often occur when an agent encounters your property while showing others.


Regardless of the circumstances, it's best to err on the side of preparedness. The more you can prepare in advance, the smoother the process will be, and the more confident you'll feel presenting your home to potential buyers.


How are showings requested?

Showings are typically requested through a program called ShowingTime. As a seller, you can use the ShowingTime app to accept, decline, or reschedule showing requests directly from your smartphone.

You have the option to designate your property as either "Go & Show" or "Appointment Required." "Go & Show" is ideal for vacant properties, allowing showings at any time. Upon request, the showing is automatically confirmed, and access instructions are provided to the buyer's agent. Conversely, "Appointment Required" means showings must be manually confirmed by the seller, with access information granted upon confirmation.


Is it acceptable to decline inconvenient showings?

While you have the right to decline or reschedule showings, it's beneficial to accommodate requests whenever possible. Work closely with your Realtor to block out times when conflicts may arise. If certain time blocks need to be excluded due to lifestyle factors, communicate this upfront to avoid frustrations later on.


Can I be present for showings?

In short, no. Showings are an opportunity for buyers to envision themselves in your home, establishing an emotional connection that guides their decision-making process. Your presence may inhibit their ability to explore and imagine their future lifestyle in the space. Instead, leverage staging to showcase the value of your home. Consider leaving behind printed materials highlighting improvements or a personal letter to prospective buyers, sharing why you love your home.

Below is my printable pre-showing checklist. Take it with you as you prepare for your upcoming showing. If time is limited, focus on the bolded items, which offer the greatest return on your investment.


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