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Why Hire A Real Estate Agent??

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

Did you know nearly 90% of Sellers us a listing agent. It’s easy to think that selling your home is easy, but in reality, it takes; time, knowledge of neighborhood trends, real negotiating skills and experience. Many sellers believe that eliminating the agent’s commission—6% of the sale price, on average—sounds tempting, try your best to resist. That 6% is nothing when you consider the security you will have with an agent selling your home.

The Agent's primary focus is to help determine the best and right price for your home that attract the right buyers. Agents have access to current market trends in your area and neighborhood. They can compare your home to recent sales of comparable homes, "comps".

When hiring a good agent, you will be hiring someone who will market your home aggressively with a keen eye for how to make your home the most attractive. They can help you with staging your home, enhancing your listing with professional-quality photographs and executing showings for prospective buyers. Agents will also pre-approve potential buyers, so you are only engaging with serious buyers.

An agent will help you negotiate counter offers when you have finally found a true buyer. This process can become overwhelming in this kind of market. Your agent will help you track paperwork and help guide you through this process.

When considering forgoing hiring an agent; consider that time and effort you may want to spend to sell your home for the best prices. This process, in this market, may not be a clean straightforward process. In this market the average home takes for four to six months when attempting to listing your home as "For Sale by Owner", according to National Realtor statistics. However, listing your home with an agent may only take you thirty-five to forty days!

If you are worried about the cost of hiring an agent, speak to that agent directly when meeting with them. It's fair to negotiate their commission. You can also consider a shorter contract period, so you have the ability to evaluate their performance. Just know that a good agent will give you the security to sell your home and the confidence in your decision to hire them.

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