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Don't Let The Snow Stop You!!

Buying a home in the winter: 5 Reasons To Do It!!!

In general, Spring and summer have been traditionally the most common times of the year to consider embarking on buying or selling your home. Just because it is the, "most common," doesn't exactly mean you can't venture off and make your move over the winter!

There are several great reasons to purchasing your new home during the winter. It might be time to seriously consider this option. Here are are few reasons to consider "off-season buying"!

#1. FEWER buyers means LESS competition

Since most people never consider purchasing in the winter, and the cold weather makes its less desirable to purchase, this equates to fewer buyers in the market and less to compete against your offer. Keep in mind, inventory will be slightly lower during the winter but there is still a solid selection of homes that will be sure to meet your hopes and dreams. Sellers are also more eager to accept offers since there are fewer offers to consider.

#2. LESS competition means BETTER buying power

With a decrease in buyer traffic; many sellers are more eager to consider bargaining with you and meeting you at your offer. You may have a better chance to negotiate things like; better price, closing cost, and move in time frame and even remedies that could all work in your favor.

#3. Sellers are motivated.

Anyone selling their home in the winter, are often sellers who are very motivated. In many cases it could be due such motivators as; job relocation, family relocation, financial problems or even divorce. They are usually circumstances that require quick movement with the least amount of stress.

#4. Winter is a good test of a home’s structural condition.

The worst feeling is when that wonderful home you purchased in the summer is an ice box once the winter settles in. Winter exposes everything from; icy driveways, airy windows, functioning fireplace and even overall insulation. By house-hunting in the winter months, you see your potential new home under the toughest conditions.

#5. As the temps drop so do the interest rates.

It is pretty normal, within this market, to see the Mortgage rates have been inching higher and this will probably continue over the next several years along with the appreciation of home values. However, during the colder month interest rates are steadier and sometimes fluctuate down since purchasing is low.

If you are on the fence and considering buying or selling in the winter months. Give me a call TODAY. I can sit down with you and talk through the best approach to finding your dream home.

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